When it comes to internal tooth structure, nothing beats what nature gave you. But over time, the dental pulp that provides nourishment and sensory response can become infected or damaged. Endodontic treatment can help you preserve the function of natural teeth.

Dr. Yip takes a very conservative approach to providing patients with endodontic care treatments. His primary goal is always to save natural teeth, and when feasible, he can provide root canal therapy to relieve the pain associated with infected or inflamed dental pulp. Prior to treatment, Dr. Yip provides all of his patients with a comprehensive review of the nerve structure in their affected teeth. He can also provide referrals to the best Endodontists and Root Canal Specialists in the Lower Mainland if extensive treatment is required.

Root canal therapy is a safe, effective way to clean and maintain the internal strength of your teeth – ensuring your smile stays uncompromised and pain free.

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