General Dentistry

At the heart of any successful general dentistry practice is quality routine care. If you want to enjoy a healthy smile free of major complications, it’s important to schedule regular cleaning appointments and follow a proper oral health care plan between visits.

Dr. Yip has over 30 years of general dentistry experience and treats all oral health problems with care and comfort. The main focus of general dentistry is to identify and correct early warning signs in the teeth and/or gums that, if left undiagnosed, could lead to more extensive dental treatment. Proper preventative maintenance, which includes exams, diagnostic x-rays, and thorough cleanings, should be done routinely to optimize overall health. The frequency of dental health visits varies depending on your individual needs but, as a rule, would be encouraged every six months.

Dr. Yip welcomes patients of all ages, and provides quality dental care in a relaxing, stress-free environment. So do your smile a favor – be proactive and help keep your mouth healthy with regular trips to the dentist.

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