BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic is a safe, approved prescription medication that is injected directly into muscles to temporarily reduce or minimize the look of facial wrinkles. It is one of the most popular and widely used cosmetic procedures by women ages 18 to 65.

For patients in need of minor facial rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Yip is proud to offer BOTOX Cosmetic. It is a simple, non-surgical, and inexpensive treatment that works by blocking nerve impulses to reduce muscle activity that causes moderate to severe lines to form between an individual’s brows. While most patients see significant visible improvement within days of their initial treatment, individual results may vary.

BOTOX Cosmetic treatments are generally completed within 30 minutes and has been shown to last up to 4 months. Prior to treatment, Dr. Yip will have you contract your facial muscles to determine the best placement for the injections. He will then use a very fine needle to inject small amounts of BOTOX Cosmetic into the facial muscles – causing them to become inactive. Since the muscles temporarily lose the ability to tighten, the overlaying skin relaxes – resulting in the appearance of fewer lines and wrinkles.

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