CEREC Restorations

The CEREC Restoration system uses computer aided design technology and automated fabrication to create ceramic restorations – such as crowns, onlays, and bridges – that can be completed in a single visit.

Dr. Yip started using the CEREC system in 2005, and has been consistently shaping natural looking restorations for patients since. The process starts with a topographical laser scan of the tooth requiring treatment. Dr. Yip then removes and thoroughly cleans the portion of the tooth that is being restored, and completes a second topographical scan. The information from both scans is then merged into a single image, and sent over to the automated milling unit that sculpts a block of porcelain into an exact match of the pre-existing tooth prior to the procedure. Once the restoration has been completed, it is bonded to the base structure of the original tooth with permanent adhesives.

There are numerous benefits to using the CEREC system. All restorations are made from durable, high quality ceramics that are anti-abrasive and plaque resistant and made to match the natural color of each patient’s teeth. Patients typically require fewer anaesthetic injections and minimal drilling, which adds up to less time spend in the dental chair. CEREC Restorations have helped thousands of people rebuild their smile with positive results.

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