If you have a minor imperfection such as a small cavity or a crack in your tooth, a dental filling is usually the treatment of choice. They mimic the texture and color of natural teeth, and provide years of natural function and durability to your smile.

Fillings are recommended to patients who have only minimal amounts of tooth decay. They can be completed in a single visit and are a great way to restore health and strength to your natural teeth. Traditional fillings were made of silver amalgam materials, but today’s dental fillings are made from metal-free composites that blend seamlessly with the natural colour of your teeth.

Dr. Yip will carefully remove the decay and place the composite filling. He then sculpts it to mimic the shape of your natural tooth and sets it using a special curing light. The end result is a natural looking, durable restoration that will last for years.

A dental filling is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures and is an attractive and simple solution to restore your teeth.

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