Root Canal

Every year, millions of teeth are restored and saved with root canal therapy. This procedure is often recommended where chipped, cracked, or untreated teeth have experienced deep decay or nerve damage – leading to an inflamed or infected pulp chamber.

Whenever possible, Dr. Yip saves and preserves the function of natural teeth, and his root canal procedures have a very high success rate. A root canal can normally be completed in a single visit. It is a pain free, simple dental procedure that limits the opportunity for additional structural tooth decay. After a comprehensive examination of the infected tooth, Dr. Yip carefully removes all debris and damaged tissue from the pulp chamber and associated canals. After thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the tooth, the canals are then filled with bio-compatible materials and sealed using a special cement that adds increased protection and durability to the pulp chamber – resulting in a pain free, properly functioning tooth.

With proper care, teeth that have received root canals will maintain normal function for many years. There are a number of signs and symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal, including noticeable sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks, tooth discoloration, and swelling or irritation in surrounding gum tissue. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

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